The Cullman Lioness Club

(L-R) Seated: Lioness Mary Daniel, Immediate Past President; Lioness Sue Spradlin, Treasurer; Lioness
Jennie Gurley, President; Lioness Heather Rabending, 1st V.P.; Lioness Dean Twilley, 2nd V.P.; Lioness Kay
Walker, Tail Twister. <> Standing: Lioness Judy Waldrep, Membership Committee Vice Chair; Lioness
Judy Mangum, Director; Lioness Mary Ann Caudle, Director; Lioness Sammie Danford, Director. Not
in photo: Lioness Kimberly Drake, Lioness Tamer; Lioness Cynthia Tubbs, Secretary; Lioness Judy
Smith, Membership Committee Chair; Lioness Linda Smith, Membership Committee; Lioness Sara Beth
Willoughby, 3rd V.P.                                                                                                                                           

2019 - 2020 Cullman Lioness Club Officers  
President - Jennie Gurley
Immediate Past President - Mary Daniel
First VP - Heather Rabending
Second VP - Dean Twilley
Third VP - Sara Beth Willoughby 
Secretary - Cynthia Tubbs 
Treasurer - Sue Spradlin 
Tail Twister - Kay Walker 
Lioness Tamer - Kimberly Drake 
One Year Director - Mary Ann Caudle 
Two Years Director - Judy Mangum 
Three Years Director - Sammie Danford 

Membership Committee 
Judy Smith - Chairperson 
Judy Waldrep - Vice Chairperson 
Linda Smith - Committee Member 

* Cullman Lioness Club Members *
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